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                As a child, my parents attention was divided among my  ten siblings.    My mother worked to keep a clean house, put food on the table and diligently stitched, patched and hemmed our clothing while looking after us. I yearned for the comfort of a quilt custom made for me. 
                Through my adult years I sought to fulfill my childhood yearning and began looking into purchasing my very own customized quilt. I looked at bedspreads from the brick and mortar stores, bid at various silent auctions and entered every known raffle in the pursuit of the dream quilt.  In 1995, I gave into the idea and decided that the only way for me to obtain this fantasy quilt would be that I would have to make/create the quilt for myself. 
              In my determination I enrolled into a  quilting class in which I hand stitched a 15 block sample quilt and then patiently hand quilted to final completion.   In the time it took to finish the first quilt I had fallen in love with fabrics, the sound of a sewing machine, the rhythm of a needle rocking through layers of fabric, and the finality of setting in binding and a quilt label.  I gained a sense of community within the nostalgia of quiltmaking and joined a local bee and found other passionate quilt sisters. 
             With the passing of time I had many more UFO's, intended projects and stashed fabric stash throughout the house than the time it takes to complete a quilt from conception to completion.  I contracted with professional quilting services and then yearned to one day be able to do the same for other quilters.  Unlike my childhood yearning, the machine found me.  My new venture began with the patience of Linda's Electric Quilters and Heirloom Elegance.  I was armed with with a business plan and carried out a plan of action with the help of the SBA.  
              I have fallen in love with every single quilt that I have ever made.  Upon completion of a any quilt I am convinced that whichever style or color the quilt is, it is my ultimate favorite.  I quilt to fulfill other peoples yearning for the comforts of a quilt.  I quilt to share the joy and the comfort of a quilt lovingly stitched together for the ones we love.  I quilt because it brings me joy.   I quilt because I have to quilt to quiet my soul. 
Now it is time to get back to my Statler!  LOL 
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